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Since 1978

The Foundation of Breakey Prosthetics

Breakey Prosthetics was founded by Dr. James W. Breakey Phd. in 1978. Dr. Breakey's goals were to create a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the amputee utilizing old fashion personal care with the latest technology available. He is known nationwide for his seminars on the C-Leg and the LASAR posture alignment device, and his publishings on the body image of the amputee. Dr. Breakey retired in 2006 from clinical practice and is currently teaching at selected seminars across the United States, but his philosophies are still being carried on today at Breakey Prosthetics.

Below are just a few of his many philosophies that we carry on today, regarding the care and rehabilitation of the amputee......

"Dr. Breakey suggests that considerations be given to the needs of the patient as well as the capabilities of the selected knee."

Microprocessor prosthetic knee forum, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, May 2003

"Our role as prosthetists are to lower the level of frustration for the amputee during the prosthetic rehabilitation process."

Dr James W. Breakey; Body Image: The Above Knee Amputee.  International C-Leg meeting, Otto Bock, Vienna, Austria, October 2003

"We cannot return the amputee to his normal state because we are limited by our technology. However, what we can offer the amputee is a new normality which includes a new degree of function, a new pattern of motion, and a new body image." 

Dr. James W Breakey: Otto Bock C-Leg Seminars presented throughout the United States, 1999 to present.

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