Arlene Shambough

A few years ago, my right leg was amputated above the hip joint due to cancer. I thought I would be confined to a wheelchair the rest of my life. Then I found Breakey Prosthetics! Not only did they build me a great new leg; they gave me the support and encouragement I needed to get up and get walking! Over the years, their continued personal, individualized care has given me the ability to lead a full, active life. There is a long list of people who have helped me - family, friends, doctors - and high on that list are Mike, Chris and Dolores at Breakey Prosthetics. (Aug. 7/08)

Charles Bamford

There really aren't enough good things I can say about the Breakey Organization. Losing a limb is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Breakey Prosthetics helped me with both of these. They took the time to explain, in detail, exactly what I could expect and exactly what they were going to do. With videos, pamphlets and clear explanations, they brought me through the entire process. They made sure that my prosthetic leg was comfortable as well as secure. They worked hand and hand with my doctor and helped me through the rehabilitation process. When I had to have my other leg amputated, I made sure that Breakey Prosthetics was specified as my provider. Past experience guaranteed me a top quality, professionally built, prosthetic device.

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Tom Francois

I became an amputee on March 25, 2001. It all started with a pain in my right calf. I play a lot of racquetball so I thought it was just a muscle pull. After four days of discomfort and applying ice, heat and bandage compressions, I went to the doctor. She said "I can't get a peadle pulse from your foot". She then said "I'm going to send you to the vascular team and have an angiogram performed". That's when they discovered I was clotted from the knee down. The vascular team then performed a bypass surgery. This was the beginning of twelve surgeries within a seven month time frame using synthetic, cadaver and my own donor veins. And they all resulted in failure. There was confinement to a wheelchair because I couldn't walk. There was excruciating pain because of the lack of blood flow to my foot. There was also frustration, exasperation and depression. Then I was blessed with an extraordinary vascular surgeon, Dr. Bradly Hill from Kaiser Medical Center. After trying to save the leg many times, we made the joint decision to remove the leg below the knee. To this day it was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. I was going to get my life back! On May 23, 2001, I was blessed again with the staff from Breakey Prothetics. I was fitted with my first prosthesis. They are so professional and care so much about their patients that I was comfortable from the very first visit. It was an emotional, liberating moment! I could stand up! I could take a step! I could walk again. Since then I was able to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2002 Winter Olympics. I've resumed playing racquetball at a tournament level against able bodied opponents and have won a State Doubles championship. I am also a motivational speaker, Detention Minister, varsity high school baseball coach, and mentor other amputees. I am truly blessed! And I am truly grateful to Dr. Brad Hill and the staff at Breakey Prosthetics.  (Jul 26/08)

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Elena Trousuva

I am a BK amputee and have dealt with "The Breakey's Prosthetics" since 1995 and ALWAYS had a positive experience and satisfaction! They put me back on my legs! I had to change the service provider three times due to the insurance requirements, had seen different prosthetists and, to tell you the truth, felt like I was on the conveyor with NO personal approach. In this office I experienced understanding, and that special approach to my individual needs and I am absolutely convinced that Breakey Prosthetics" is THE BEST place of service of that nature in the Bay Area! Only due to the effort of the office members, I am able to do what I could have NEVER been able to even dream of using prostheses made by other providers! Specifically, being a very active mom of two, skiing (on the green zone), scootering, paragliding (please see the picture), and international traveling! I believe they are highly experienced and can do miracles! My case is a clear proof of it. If YOU need a service like that YOU need not look any further! My deep appreciation and respect to Mike, Chris and Dolores! (Apr. 02/08)

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